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FMLHS is a licensed & insured private, independent agency that is NOT affiliated with, associated with, or obligated to any/all including but not limited to any laboratories, hospitals, agencies or physician’s offices, nor does it claim to be.

Patient's MUST have a valid prescription for any lab work being sent into a laboratory. Prescriptions are only valid for 6 months from the date that it is written/printed on the script. If your prescription is not valid, the labs will not accept them and they WILL discard your specimens. This is out of FMLHS’s control.

FMLHS requires that all prescriptions be faxed/emailed at the time the appointment is given/made, so that we can ensure accuracy & legibility of tests, verify what supplies will be needed and the availability of supplies, as well as ensure that all information is complete/accurate so there’s no issues the day of appointment (Dr’s Info/Dates/Dx Codes/Etc). 

Immediate results given as a result of any Rapid Testing Services provided by FMLHS and its staff are in NO WAY intended to assist patients in "self diagnosing/treating". All results will be forwarded to the physician/qualified professional requesting them if applicable AND OR all patient's will be advised to seek further medical treatment/consultation/advice from a physician/qualified professional in the event of abnormal results and or continued concerns. FMLHS and its staff does NOT give out ANY medical advice. 

FMLHS and its staff reserve the right to refuse services to anyone at anytime with or without cause. Abuse/mistreatment to any staff at any time will NOT be tolerated & will result in services being terminated immediately, with verbal and written notice to the patient/responsible party & ordering physician(s) if applicable.

Any termination of services for any reason will be delivered verbally, written AND by electronic mail if applicable.

Payments made to FMLHS are accepted in the form of Cash/Check/Venmo/CashApp/PayPal & are due in full at the time of service. In the event that a check “bounces” or there is a “charge back”, an additional fee of $50 will be applied to the unpaid balance, plus any applicable additional charges for any collection/legal/court fees & a monthly added interest rate of 10% to any unpaid/outstanding balance(s) per 30 days until paid in full. Any one incident of a bounced check or charge back will result in all future services being required to be paid for in cash only BEFORE any services are rendered again. Three (3) incidents of this nature will result in permanent termination of services.

FMLHS will ONLY bill patients for the services of going to their home/business and rapid testing/services done on site, NOT for specimen testing that has to be sent into the labs. Any concerns regarding charges/bills from the laboratory should be addressed with the laboratory involved directly. FMLHS is a "For Fee Service". The fee's paid to FMLHS are for their services/testing ONLY and are not covered by insurance(s). You may attempt to be reimbursed by your insurance company by submitting a receipt from FMLHS however, keep in mind that it is not likely that the reimbursement will be approved unless they declare the visit "Medically Necessary". All testing done at and or sent into the laboratory IS covered by your insurance, provided the specimens are sent to a laboratory authorized by your insurance. Fees paid to FMLHS directly are NOT for the laboratory fees or co-pays..

All patients receive an appointment reminder/confirmation call and text (if applicable) the night before the scheduled appointment date. Failure to be present for a scheduled appointment (“no-show”) or failure to call & cancel/reschedule 24 hours BEFORE the scheduled appointment date & time, will result in a $50 no-show/late cancel fee at FMLHS’s discretion & must be paid in full BEFORE another appointment will be given. After three (3) incidents of "no-Showing" or failing to give 24 hour’s notice of canceling/rescheduling, services with FMLHS can and or will be terminated at FMLHS’s discretion & any remaining balances will be due within 30 days of termination & are subject to the same terms as mentioned above for collection attempts, court costs & interest.

Patient’s/ responsible parties are responsible for keeping FMLHS and laboratories informed as to the correct & most up to date insurance & demographic information. It is the patient’s/responsible party’s responsibility to contact the insurance company to find out what, if any, services/tests are covered under their policy & to find out what laboratories are considered in/out-of-network under their policy. Failure to do the aforementioned may result in being required to make full payment for all uncovered testing/services rendered, as a self-pay patient to the laboratories. FMLHS highly recommends checking regularly as insurance companies do change quite frequently who and what they cover without notice. You can choose between ENZO/LAB CORP/SUNRISE/QUEST/NORTHWELL/AND MANY OTHER laboratories to have your specimens sent to. If you're not going through insurance (self-pay) or you choose to send your specimens to a lab not authorized by your insurance, the lab WILL send you a bill directly.

Once your specimens are sent to the lab, you MUST communicate with the lab directly about results and or billing. FMLHS has no control or access to this & has nothing to do with what/how they bill and or when/if/how they release results. FMLHS can assist you if needed in setting up online accounts with certain labs if you'd like to view your results or account info on their websites, should they have this as an available option.

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